As with other antiques, value is what the traffic will bear, and market prices vary enormously with condition, rarity, demand, and the seller's knowledge (The flea market axiom: If you don't know what it is, but it's small, it's $25; and if it's big, it's $100!).  Measurements listed are width, height, and depth, in inches. Years of manufacture are approximate. Listings may be by description or manufacturer's name. Additions and corrections from readers are appreciated.


Accupath 1000
(1970s, Dr. Rheinhold Voll)
Actina (1890, William C. Wilson)
3" cylindrical metal inhaler/applicator, flared end for eye, swaged end for nose.
Addison's Galvanic Electric Belt (1915, Electric Appliance Company)
Adrenoray (1930; William J.A. Bailey)
Belt with five discs allegedly containing radium for adrenal therapy
Advance electric shock machine
Aerobic eye exerciser
Apollo medical apparatus
Arden copper bracelet
Atomotrone cancer cure device
(Dr. William M. Estep) Wooden cabinet containing old colored-tube radio
Babylon's Zone Therapy Roller (1950s)
Bioray (1930; William J.A. Bailey) Small container ostensibly radiating therapeutic gamma rays
Beautypower device (white plastic case, gold grill, knob)
Bleeding cups (glass, 1830-1850)
Breast enlarger (1976) Foot pump connected by hoses to two suction cups
Bunnel medical battery (wood case)
Cabro Radionic Quantumeter, made by Art tool and Die Co.; 13 calibrated rheostats plus timer; wood cabinet, 48"L x 4"H x 4"D.
Calbro Magnowave Radionic machine Black panel, two meters, 52 rheostats, 34 toggle switches, gold legends, oak roll-top secretary desk, 56x24x52
Cambridge Electrocardiograph machine (1930)
Cartilage contraption (1905-1915, Charles S. Clark, Thomas Adkin) Cast iron bar, pulleys, ropes, straps, stirrups for height increasing
Challenge Ray (1927, Sears, Roebuck) Violet ray device in black leatherette carrying case, 3 glass electrodes
Chiropra Therapeutic Comb (1950s; Dr. Theodore Schwartz, Mannheim Germany)
Color-Therm Black patent leather carrying case opens to reveal intertwined neon tubes and cord to hand-held, U-shaped, neon probe
Coolpate (1920s) Metal band wrapped across the forehead to alleviate headaches
Copper ("electric") bracelet (1950s-present) Primarily hawked as arthritis cure
Crosley Xervac Skull cap with suction hose connected to white console with three knobs and a gauge.
D'Arsonval's Thermo-Faradic machine (1909) Oak paneled cabinet, brass ball electrodes on top, 30x23x41
Davis and Kidder Magneto Electric machine (1854)
DeAns Infra Red Therapeutic Mittens Electrically-heated mittens powered by AC cord
Depolaray (1920s-1940s; Dr. Albert Abrams' Electronic Medical Foundation) Electromagnetic device
Dermatron (1970s, Dr. Rheinhold Voll)
Dr. Coutant's Nasal Douche (1910, George E. Coutant) Nickel-plated 3x1/2 tube, one ended swaged, other rounded; alternatively a glass tube with side bowl, closed at one end, other end open and offset
Dr. Dye's Voltaic Belt (1890s, Pulvermacher) "Electric" belt
Dr. Jerome Kidder's Celebrated Electro Magnetic machine
Dr. Owens' Body Battery
Electro-galvanic belt
Dr. Scott's Electric Corset (1905)
Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush (1905) Three sizes; internal magneto
Drown Radio Therapy, Drown Radio Vision, Homo-Vibra-ray; diagnostic instruments (1930s-40s; Dr. Ruth B. Drown) Black textured box with 9 knobs and meter on top Bakelite panel, two internal dissimilar metal blocks wired to two external metal plate electrodes
(Lindstrom & Co.) Combination Health Generator No. 12 (1927) Violet ray generator, 6 glass electrodes, ozone mask, vibrator massager, miscellaneous probes and accessories, black leatherette carring case
Elco (Lindstrom & CO.) Electric Health Generator No. 9 (1926) Violet ray generator, 2 glass electrodes, vibrator massager, miscellaneous probes and accessories, black leatherette carrying case,
Elco (Lindstrom & Co.) Electric Health Generator No. 38 (1927) High frequency violet ray apparatus, 5 glass and 1 metal electrode, ozone mask, black leatherette carrying case, 11.5x8.75x5.5
Elco (Lindstrom & Co.) violet ray induction coil only, black carrying case, 10x6x3
Electreat apparatus (1928-1938) Cylinder with roller on end, containing two flashlight cells; accessories included sponge, scalp brush, palm massage pad
Electric Body Battery (1891-1915, Electric Appliance Company) Belt of red and yellow cotton strips containing copper and zinc plates separated by blotting paper (to be dipped in sulfuric acid or vinegar).
Electric belt ("Big Foot Bill" Wallace) Covered in purple satin, zinc studs
Electric insoles (Sears)
Electric ring (Sears)
Electric slippers
Electric truss
Electricity is Life
(1920s-30s) Penny-operated arcade shock machine; 0-500 gauge, two metal knobs
Electricura Shoes (Dr. John Wilson Gibbs) Batteries in the heels intended to relieve rheumatism and neuralgia pain
Electrification machine (1875) Magneto, electrodes, wood box
Electro-Chemical Ring (1892-1915, W.G. Brownson) Iron finger ring, inner stamp "E-C"
Electrodiagnostic devices (1950s, Dr. Rheinhold Voll) Galvanometer with one brass and one gauze-covered probe
Electro Ion-A-Meter, Model A Black panel with 3 jacks, large rheostat dial, earphones and electrode, black leatherette carrying case with corner reinforcers, accessories in hinged lid, 11.5x7x8.25
Electro-Magnetic Chain (Dr. Raphael)
Electro-Magnetic Hair Brush and Comb (1900, Actina Appliance Co.)
Electro medical machine Oak box, Sears Roebuck catalog item
Electro-Metabograph 3 black panels, loaded with dials, oak cabinet
(1893, Dr. Hercules Sanche) 5 ounce, hollow, sealed, metal cylinder, attached to stranded, uninsulated wire, connected to small disc on wrist/ankle band, 3.5.
Electropsychometer; "E-Meter" (1950s-1960s; L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, Church of Scientology)
Energex Violet Ray (1927, Sears, Roebuck) Black leatherette carrying case, 5 glass electrodes
Faradic Battery (no name) Induction coil apparatus in oak wood box, hinged lid, nickel-plated grounding plate mounted inside lid, 8.5x5x5
Faradic battery (no name) Induction coil in oak wood case, hinged top lid covers accessory compartment, hinged base contains nickel-plated battery holder and induction coil, 9x5.25x5
Faradic battery (no name) Induction coil in cherry wood box, hinged lid, leather carrying strap, 8.5x3.75x5.75
Fedelerizer Food-enhancing blood vitalizer consisting of glass jar containing two electrodes, hooked to an electric cord
Fisher Type FO machine (mahogany box, 26x26x51 porcelain front, glass lift top, attachments)
Fitzgerald violet ray generator (1925) Black leatherette carrying case, 2 glass electrodes, 10-1/2x4-1/2x7-1/4
Frank S. Betz faradic battery Black leatherette carrying case containing induction coil on green panel; two cylindrical metal electrodes connected by red and green wires to pin jacks $45
Galvanic device (no name) Cherry box with hinged lid houses battery and electrodes, rheostat on lid, Bakelite binding posts on side, 7x3x1.75
Galvanio Rejuvenating machine (1872) Cherry wood box
Gem Battery (1906, Sears, Roebuck) Induction coil in walnut box, lower compartment holds nickel-plated dry cell cylinder, upper compartment for 2 metal electrodes, 2 wood handles, 1 sponge electrode, 2 cords, 1 nickel-plated foot plate
G-H-R Electric Thermitis Dilator (1918) Foot-long, phallus-shaped, rectal probe for heating prostate gland, connected by twisted-pair cord to light bulb assembly and AC plug
Glasseptic nebulizer
Hair growing helmet
(1940s) Aluminum bowl containing Christmas tree bulb, electric cord
Halliwell-Shelton Violet Ray 3 glass electrodes, black leatherette carrying case, 13x8.75x3.25
Health-Aire Ion generator, white plastic, grilled front
Hollywood Vita-Rol
Homo-Vibra Ray
(see: Drown)
Interro (1980s, Dr. F. Fuller Royal) Generates whining noise, single probe, scale on computer screen
I-ON-A-CO (Wilshire Ring) (1925, Gaylord Wilshire) 18" Diam. insulated wire collar with AC plug; accessory smaller coil connected to flashlight globe to show inductive lighting
Isotron Figuretone set
J.B.L. ("Joy-Beauty-Life") Cascade (1910-1917, Charles A. Tyrell) Rubber water bottle with side-mounted rectal enema syringe
Lancet (bleeding knives, 1830-1850)
Life Awakener Awl for penetrating arthritic areas
Macaura Blood circulator (1910-1915, "Pulsocon", "Cirkulon"; Gerald Macaura) Hand-cranked vibrator
MacGregor Rejuvenator (1920s) Bed with cylindrical shroud paneled with dials and gauges; generated radio waves and ultraviolet radiation to reverse the aging process
Magnetic-Ray Belt "Horse Collar"
Magnetic shield
(Dr. C.J. Thacher)
Magneto box (1900) Wood box, hinged top lid, front crank, internal magneto with gear train connected by two wires to hand-held electrodes
Magneto-conservative Insoles (1900, Wilson)
Magneto-Electric machine (1854) Burled walnut box, brass works
Marvel A1 violet ray generator (1924)
Master violet ray generator (leather-bound carrying case, 12x9)
Master Violet Ray No. 11 3 glass electrodes, wand and induction coil separate, black leatherette carrying case, 13.5x9.25x2.75
Mechanical Heart electro-treatment device (1928)
Medicine Man homeopathic shock device (1880) Oak wood box
Medical Battery (1906, Sears, Roebuck) Induction coil in oak box, 2 dry cells, pole-reversing switch, nickel-plated hardware, slide-adjustable vibrator with scale, hair brush, nickel-plated foot plate, 2 hand electrodes, 2 wood handles, 2 sponge electrodes, 2 cords, 1 metallic scourge
Medical Battery (1906, Sears, Roebuck) Induction coil in oak box, 3 dry cells, pole-reversing switch, nickel-plated hardware, 3-1/4" carbon rheostat, hair brush, nickel-plated foot plate, 2 hand electrodes, 2 wood handles, 2 sponge electrodes, 2 cords, 1 metallic scourge
Medical Battery (1927, Sears, Roebuck) 3 models: triple, double and single dry cell; induction coil device in black leatherette carrying case, two cords, two wooden handles, two metal handles, two sponge electrodes, one nickel-plated foot plate
Micro-Dynameter diagnostic machine (1950s, F.C. Ellis) Desktop, textured, die-cast cabinet, six knobs and toggle switch operate high-sensitivity galvanometer with electrodes
Morley Invisible Ear-Phone (1911-1913) Artificial eardrum consisting of oiled silk disk, waxed silk thread and insertion tube
Morse Electric Belt
Nap-A-Night device
Natural Eyesight System
(1930s) Nickel-plated rectangular box with two protruding, rubber-socketed cups cylinders to apply pressure to the eyeballs, side knob adjusts spacing
Nemectron Chrome-plated pedestal with hemispherical base and spherical top wired to two ear rings for regenerating brain cells
Orgone Energy Accumulator
(1938-1950; Dr. Wilhelm Reich) Zinc-lined wood enclosure with funnel-shaped breathing mask for occupant
Oscilloclast machine (1920s-40s, Dr. Albert Abrams, Electronic Medical Foundation) (several models) Desk-size wood cabinet with side pedestal drawers/ bottom-hinged front panel reveals approximately 100 (internally unconnected) knobs and switches for diagnosis and treatment. Portable outfit consists of wood box with side handles, electric wires attached to a cold-water pipe, wood rotary switchbox ("rheostatic dynamizer"), short cylindrical "Dynamizer" ("condenser") for receiving dried blood sample, and disc on small handle ("brow electrode") to place against the forehead
Otto Fleming faradic battery
(1898) Oak box, hinged lid, nickel-plated hardware, induction coil, 2 metal electrodes
Overbeck's Rejuvenator
(1895-1916, Dr. Hercules Sanche) Short metal cylinder containing carbon rod, attached to stranded, uninsulated wire, connected to small disc. Attachments included the Animator, Novora, Binora, and Vocorbis.
Oxybon (Competitive imitator of Oxydonor) (1910-1916, Dr. Filloon, Ben A. Hallgren) Metal tube containing sulfur, ash and carbon, end caps connected to stranded, uninsulated wires attach to disks on wrist/ankle garters
Oxygenator (Competitive imitator of Oxydonor; named changed later to Oxypathor)
Oxygenor King (Competitive imitator of Oxydonor) (1910-1915, Woodford M. Davis) Nickel-plated copper tube filled with mixture of sulfur, sand and charcoal, end caps connected to stranded, uninsulated wires attached to disks on wrist/ankle garters
Oxypathor (1910-1915, Elvard L. Moses) Nickel-plated copper tube filled with a black powder, capped at both ends, connected by stranded, uninsulated wire to metal disks on two elastic wrist/ankle garters
Oxtytonor (Competitive imitator of Oxydonor)
Ozone Generator Set (1927, Sears, Roebuck) Violet ray device in black leatherette carrying case, glass electrodes, inhaler
Pathoclast machine
Perkins' Tractors
(1795, Dr. Elisha Perkins) Two three-inch, pointed, brass and iron rods used to massage
Pol-izer (1957) Glass tube containing mercury to "pol-ize" oxygen water for purification and to sweeten bad wine
Portable Double Cell Faradic Battery Induction coil in oak wood box with hinged lid containing accessory compartment, 8.75x6.25x8.25
Portable Faradic Battery Induction coil apparatus in oak wood box, hinged lid, nickel-plated hardware, 8.75x6.25x8
Portable Faradic Battery (C.P. Pilling and Son) Induction coil apparatus in cherry wood box, angled front hinged lid, nickel-plated hardware, mirror-finish grounding electrode mounted inside front lid, 5.5x5.5x9.75
Princess Mahogany carrying case with hinged lid and double side doors, various accessories, battery operated
Psycograph (1931-1935, Henry Lavery) Metal phrenology helmet, 32 adjustable feelers connected by cable to recording box/printer; includes nickel-plated stand and padded seat
Pulvermacher's Electro-Galvanic Chain (1890s)
Radiendocrinator (1930; American Endocrine Laboratories, William J.A. Bailey, Ward Leathers) Decorative box contains 2x3x0.4 metal-box endocrine gland cure-all
Radionics machine
(1921, L. Ron Hubbard) Box containing tiny colored lights for diagnosis
Radioscope (1920s-1930s; Dr. Albert Abrams "Radionics")
RDK short wave apparatus (1929) Bakelite panel, wood box with hinged lid, glass probe, two triode radio tubes
Rectal dilator Probe for inserting into rectum to relieve hemorrhoids
Relax-A-Cisor shock machine (1968) 4 dials, vinyl carrying case containing pads and wires
RenuLife Generator model 2-120 (1919) Violet ray apparatus, 2 glass electrodes, ivory-wood panel, black leatherette carrying case, 11.5x9x4
RenuLife Violet Ray Generator, Model K 5 glass electrodes, cherry control panel, black leatherette carrying case
RenuLife Violet Ray Generator, Model R (1922) 11 glass electrodes, cherry control panel, black leatherette carrying case with nickel-plated hardware, lock latch and corner protectors, 15x10.5x5.5
Res-Q-Air (1960s) Plastic bellows emergency respirator with mouthpiece
Rogers Consolidated Medical Apparatus Induction coil in cherry wood box, hinged lid, panel lifts to expose accessory compartment, 8.5x5x5.25
Russian Sleep Machine Black leatherette case, hinged top, white panel with control and battery holder, electric cord to head and neck pieces
Sanden electric belt (1905-1914, A.T. Sanden)
Sauna suits (1970s-80s) Rubber-like body wraps promoted to reduce weight
Seymour shock machine Oak wood box with nickel-plated hardware
Shelton White Cross and White Cross violet ray generator
Shoe-fitting Xray console
(1940s-50s) Wood-cabinet fluoroscope with upper viewing ports for patient and salesman to see foot bones in new shoes
Short Wave Oscillotron
electric device
Sonus Film-O-Sonic machine Played "silent" recorded music for therapeutic effect
Spectro-Chrome (1930s-40s; Dr. Dinshah P. Ghadiali) Cast aluminum, 1000W bulb, water tank, colored glass filters
Super-Marvel violet ray generator (1926) 3 glass electrodes, black leatherette carrying case, 13.25x9x3.5
Thermapax Magnetic Wave Helmet Domed metal helmet
Thermo Ozone Battery (1920s) Hinged-lid box containing glass vials, metal tube and disc electrodes
Thoronator (1930; William J.A. Bailey) Small glass vial containing cylinder emitting "thoron"
Toftness Radiation Detector; (1970s, Irwing N. Toftness) Chiropractic plastic cylinder containing plastic lenses
Tricho hair remover (1925 Albert Geyser, M.D.) Wood cabinet with projecting, cylindrical metal drum containing X-ray tube
Tucker's violet ray device
Urbeteit's Sinuothermic machine
Vibrating belts (1960s-70s) Motor-driven belts promoted to reduce weight
Violet ray generator (no name) Green leatherette carrying case, 3 glass electrodes, 12x6.5x3
Violetta Baby Type A violet ray set (1924) Leatherette carrying case, 10x3x6
Violetta High Frequency violet ray set Leatherette carrying case, accessories
Vitalizer Metal cylinder containing powdered iron oxide, immersed in ice water
Voltaic belt (1890)
Voltamp Battery No. 4 "Samaritan" Induction coil apparatus in cherry wood box, hinged lid, latched black panel lifts to expose accessories, 8.25x5.25x5
Voltamp Battery No. 6 "Majestic"
Vrilium Tube
(1948; George Erickson and Robert Nelson) Two-inch brass tube, 1/2"D., contains glass tube of barium chloride; attached to clothing by safety pin
Wahl Powersage
Way Artificial Ear Drum
(1913, George P. Way) Two rubber, horn-shaped ear canal inserts
Westcott’s Electric Foot Adjuster Milk-white glass, electric cord
White Cross (Lindstrom, Smith Co.) Electric Vibrator No. 27 Model B Vibrator massager with accessories, black leatherette carrying case with nickel-plated corner protectors, 14x10.5x4.5
White Cross Electric Vibrator Chair
Wilson Ear-Drum
(1913) Two rubber ear canal inserts; originally included forceps and inserters
Wisconsin Oxygenator
Wonder Brush
Black wood handle, steel bristles, thumb-operated magneto
Wonder-Ease machine
Zerret Applicator
(1948; William R. Ferguson) Dumbbell of blue and white plastic globes containing plastic tubes of water